Beau Bishop POB at Baldface Lodge

Few places catch hold of nearly every snowboarder’s imagination, but Beau Bishop recently traveled to one of those destinations that are legendary among riders. With promises of endless powder fields and epic views on top of remote mountains, Baldface Lodge is that place. Equipped with his trusty POV camera, Beau tours us through his time in the backcountry with this newest edition of POB.

Beau Bishop recently went up to Bald Face to join Pat Moore and a selection of other top riders for a several-day session of Avalanche safety drills, exclusive snowboarding through the Baldface backcountry, and educational talks that delved into the necessity of being prepared for snow travel.

Fill yourself in on the latest POB from Beau Bishpop at Baldface Lodge and get your own dose of endless powder to hold you over until you get yourself somewhere like this.


If you’re considering venturing into the backcountry, make sure you’re informed. Everyone who goes out should not only be equipped with the basic necessary items like a shovel, beacon and probe, but also the necessary basic knowledge that you gain from taking an avalanche safety course. Find one near you by following one of these links -

US -

Canada -

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