Interview by Ralph Kucharek

I'm not sure if it's what they put in the water in Europe, but Werni Stock is a force to be watched.  As Bonfire's newest addition to the team I am excited to see what he has in store for the future of snowboarding.  Watch as Werni lights up one office home resorts, Mayrhofen with fellow Shredbot Nik Baden. 

When did you feel the most dedicated to ride this season?

I feel the most dedicated during the preseason time of the year. Every day you’re just beyond excited to get on the slopes and do a couple of turns. I love that time of year. Everyone is hyped and passionate about getting back to shredding.

What was your favorite memory from the winter? 

I have a couple of UNREAL memories. The best? Preseason powder runs in October at Hintertux, soulshred powder days at Mayrhofen, and heliboarding in Whistler with Torstein. Those are just a few, but I have way more happy memories stuck in my head. I guess those are the moments we live for, right?

What’s your plan for the spring and summer? Anymore snowboarding?

It’s currently May 16th and as I write this it’s dumping here in Austria, so I guess I’ll go rip some powder tomorrow. Snowboarder Magazine's event Superpark at Mammoth Mountain is just around the corner and another Shredbots shoot is also scheduled to go down. Since the Hintertux glacier is in my backyard I plan on getting more days in and shredding until the end of June.

If you had a magic wand, what is one thing you would do for or change in snowboarding?  

I wouldn’t change anything. I love it the way it is. Maybe there are parts I don’t like as much or view differently, but I’m sure others just love it because of those parts. Let’s keep snowboarding real.

Beau Bishop returns to the Bonfire Outerwear blog in winter 16/17's 9th inning stretch with a home run – Turn & Burn Episode 3. Just because it's spring in Whistler doesn't mean spring skiing. Classic blue bird backcountry booters and POV lines make this snowboarding edit a hall-of-famer. Thanks to Whistler Blackcomb and @wildlifedave we are proud to close out the season with a big win on the scorecard. Enjoy.

Interview by Ralph Kucharek

Johnny Brady, Bonfire Outerwear, Snowboarding

 When Bonfire Outerwear's Johnny Brady isn't exploring Tahoe and the west coast with the Warp Wave crew, he's fighting forest fires all summer long so he can enjoy the winter all over again. Thank you for constantly living, eating, and breathing snowboarding, Johnny.  

When did you feel the most dedicated to ride this season?

I think I’d say when I was just at Boreal with my friends at the beginning and end of the season. There was no pressure to do anything, just go snowboarding. That’s when I felt the most dedicated, just riding and no filming, having fun.

What was your favorite memory from the winter?

My favorite memories from the past season were watching Kael Martin, Kyle Miller, and Zander Blackmon snowboarding. It’s hard to put that into just one memory, but watching those guys board was just great.

What’s your plan for the spring and summer? Anymore snowboarding?

I wish more snowboarding. I’ll be in the mountains, but not on snow.

If you had a magic wand, what is one thing you would do for or change in snowboarding?

If there is one thing I could change in snowboarding I would say to make it not as elitist as it is and more accessible for low-income people so that they can partake in the enjoyment and life changing experience that snowboarding is. That’s what I would change and probably the most important. There are not enough people who get to experience it and snowboarding would totally change their lives if they could do it on a regular basis.

Johnny Brady, Bonfire Outerwear, Mission Ridge, Snowboarding

Sleepy styling through the Bomber Bowl Park at Mission Ridge, Washington.

At Bonfire Outerwear we call things what they are, give credit where credit is due and make much of things needed to be made much of... Aspen Rain Weaver's 2016 Full Part is one of those things.

The part below is simply the best snowboarding you've seen lately. Rome Snowboards accurately dubbed him a shred-jedi, we agree; his ability to ride all terrain is of the likes of pro snowboarders from a long long time ago. Aspen stomps for 3+ minutes in Bonfire's Harrison Bib and Beacon Jacket. Press play. 

Aspen Rain Weaver Full Part from Rome Snowboards on Vimeo.


Words and photos by: Ralph Kucharek

In 1989, Billy and Teeta Langlands opened the legendary shop we know today, Darkside Snowboards. The shop's roots began down the road from Killington Resort and since then has expanded to Okemo and Stowe. While each location has its own distinct authentic character, they have also played an integral role in nurturing Vermont’s snowboarding community, North to South. The “Dark Park” and Slash and Berm Banked Slalom are two of their grassroots actions that continue to fuel snowboarding in the green mountain state.  

Bonfire Outerwear, Snowboard Jackets, Snowboard Pants, Ralph Kucharek

Billy Langlands (owner) and Tucker Zink (manager) talking shop and berms after Sunday's event. 

On March 11-12, 2017 over fifty competitors braved arctic temperatures at Killington and Darkside's Slash and Berm Banked Slalom. Riders unified together into teams of four to test their edging, jumping, and jibbing abilities in a non-traditional banked slalom. And, in true good-hearted fashion, the proceeds raised from the two-day event were donated to the High Fives Foundation. For the past four years, Saturday’s race is individually timed, while Sunday’s race counts the culmination of each team’s three best times.

Bonfire Outerwear, Snowboard Jackets, Snowboard Pants, Ralph Kucharek

The man, the myth, the Jay "Rosey" Rosenbaum about to snake the line.

The slalom designed and built by Killington Parks' own, Jay Rosenbaum and staff, tried riders through a combination of snow and wooden features throughout the Stash Park. It was the third year I have attended and the courses have all been different and unique, and always challenging and fun. The addition of a mandatory 20-stair firecracker, jibs, quick jumps, and icy berms made navigation at high speeds much more nerve racking. Again, this year’s course did not disappoint. The fate of the coveted “bear” trophies new home and the winning team that would be etched onto it for eternity rested within one timer.   

Bonfire Outerwear, Snowboard Jackets, Snowboard Pants, Ralph Kucharek

Killington Parks staff watching Sugarbush Parks own Richie Pic blasting by.

Closing the most recent chapter of Slash and Berm history was the “Darkside Dream Team." After 100 runs the team of hometown heavy hitter Tim Major, Darkside store manager Tucker Zink, Mike Fanning, and dark horse Tucker Speer proved to be the quickest team on the mountain. They wrote and closed the most recent chapter in Darkside Snowboards history by dominating the podium and keeping the title within the family. In the end, the coveted bear continued to stay in its den at Darkside for 365 more days until next years Slash and Berm Banked Slalom. Until next time and cheers to your local snowboard shop.  

Bonfire Outerwear, Snowboard Jackets, Snowboard Pants, Ralph Kucharek

Tucker Speer. The quickest competitor of the day.  Do you think it's because he is a tucker?


Overall Woman

Rachel Stem - N/A

Overall Man

Tucker Speer - 1:13.56


1st - Darkside Dream Team

Tucker Speer -1:13.56

Tim Major - 1:13.64

Mike Fanning - 1:14.08

Tucker Zink - 1:16.87

2nd - The Fifth Phase

Ralph Kucharek - 1:14.10

Evan Ricker - 1:15.96

Jesse Gomez - 1:17.81

Jay Rosenbaum - 1:19.56

3rd - Board Barn

Wyatt Mosher - 1:16.72

Mike Murphy - 1:18.46

Will Mercer - 1.18.51

Nate Dunn - 1:25.46

Note: Bonfire Outerwear's Ralph Kucharek is a veteran banked slalom competitor. Supposedly, Bonfire's Kane Pant and Klamath Jacket improve speed on all terrain, proving they are tried, true, and tested. 

Ralph Kucharek scores a 10-point wave at Sugarbush's Sidesurfers Banked Slalom! Tantamount to Mt. Baker's Legendary Banked Slalom, this event brings out many of the East Coast's finest up-and-comers and fondest OGs. Edge control maestro and Bonfire Outerwear rider Ralph Kucharek brought home the bacon in Bonfire's Harrison Bib. Check out the full recap and gallery on!

Bonfire Outerwear, Ashley Rosemeyer, Bonfire Harrison Bib, Snowboard pants, Snowboard jackets, Sugarbush, Sidesurfer Banked Slalom

P: Ashley Rosemeyer

Sidesurfers Banked Slalom 2017 Recap from Sugarbush Parks on Vimeo.


Bonfire Outerwear, Big Boulder Resort, Bonfire Axe Jam, Snowboard Pants, Snowboard Jackets

Bonfire Outerwear and Big Boulder are set to host the Bonfire Axe Jam this Saturday, March 25th at the Big Boulder Park in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania. The event takes place on the heels of Winter Storm Stella, which dumped three feet of snow in the Mid-Atlantic last week, even prompting a few rare avalanches in the Pocono Mountains.

The Axe Jam is an open, jam-style snowboarding contest on the custom Bonfire branded, larger-than-life Axe feature in the Big Boulder Park. The event features a pro purse of $400 for best jam and $100 for best trick throwdown, and will be judged by Bonfire pro teamrider Ralph Kucharek. The Axe Jam is also supported by Celtek. 

The Bonfire Axe is a first-of-its-kind custom 15-foot, solid feature developed by Pat Morgan and the park staff at Big Boulder. The Axe is an auxiliary logo for Bonfire and a nod to the brand’s heritage of craftsmanship and quality. Utilizing an actual log from the Pennsylvania forest, the Axe, an iconic brand piece, has been a hot park feature the entire season.

Bonfire connected with Big Boulder, one of the East’s top five snowboard parks, as the official outerwear sponsor of the Big Boulder Park crew this season. The relationship, forged between Director of Freestyle Terrain Pat Morgan and Bonfire’s Tim Swart, sparked further involvement for the 17/18 season, extending beyond Big Boulder to include other Peak Resorts property Mount Snow in Southern Vermont.

Said Swart, “We’re excited about our involvement with Big Boulder all season and the Axe was a dream for us. What started as a cocktail napkin sketch ended up becoming reality, getting built by Pat Morgan and his stellar crew at Big Boulder. The Axe Jam is a no-holds barred salute to what’s fun about snowboarding.”

Bonfire Axe Jam, Bonfire Outerwear, Big Boulder Park, Snowboard Pants, Snowboard Jackets

To shop Bonfire’s outerwear line and check out the Bonfire team, go to

Follow Bonfire Outerwear of Facebook/Instagram: @bonfireouterwear 

Bonfire Outerwear has a pedigree of excellence. We've led outerwear innovation, endorsed pivotal snowboard films, and outfitted many of the greatest snowboarders of the past three decades. Today is no different. Beau Bishop and Dustin Craven prove in Turn & Burn Ep. 2 a prowess for pure snowboarding. Ingenuity and talent meet Whistler's endless winter in what is sure to be an edit-of-the-year. 100% snowboarding and 100% Bonfire, this edit rips!

For more on Beau or Dustin, and for Bonfire Outerwear's full catalog click HERE.

Bonfire Outerwear's Dustin Craven is a wildcat at heart. He rides in-bounds, out-of-bounds, and Whistler's backcountry with power and control, even when the terrain is out of control. Check out the three following videos of Dustin getting Wild In Whistler!

Dustin Craven Wild In Whistler Part. 1 from Bonfire Outerwear on Vimeo.

Dustin Craven Wild In Whistler Part. 2 from Bonfire Outerwear on Vimeo

Dustin Craven Wild In Whistler Part. 3 from Bonfire Outerwear on Vimeo.

Get lost in Whistler powder through Dustin's Instagram: @dustincraven. Then browse his high performance, recognizable outfits in our Men's Catalog.

Film: Brian Hockenstein


Words and photos: Ralph Kucharek

Merriam-Webster defines euphoria as, “a feeling of great happiness and excitement.” From February 10th – 12th dreamers, lifers, friends, and the Bonfire team made the pilgrimage to Washington on a search for euphoric times. All those at the Mt. Baker's 31st Annual Legendary Banked Slalom experienced great happiness after two consecutive powder days and a bluebird Sunday. 

Beau Bishop guarding the entrance to his future of Baker powder in next year's Aspect Jacket. 

It was a year since the first Bonfire Free Range trip, which all started at Mt. Baker.  That’s where I met Beau, Johnny, Jenna, and Parker. Coming back for more was Beau Bishop who drove south of the Canadian border from an epic winter in Whistler to take a break from his sled and ride with friends, while Johnny Brady drove north from a buried Lake Tahoe to come compete and enjoy the LBS. Team manager and mom, Jenna Kuklinski came back to try her luck in the course and catch up with the team, while Nikita’s own Nirvana Ortanez joined to come compete and score powder.  

Jake Blauvelt, possibly blinded by the flat light or the amount of speed he took into turn three. 

After two days of battling with the course, my mind, and falling very short of finals it was time to go for a hike. On Sunday, February 12th Jenna, Nirvana, Amanda Hankison and I started hiking up the ladder-like boot pack on hemispheres to traverse over to the arm. Other than a few wispy clouds the sky was clear and deep blue, it was a glorious day to be alive. We hiked for thirty minutes to safety line where we found gently rolling powder fields and a small glimpse at the course.

Facing Mount Baker and Table Mountain from, "The Arm" where views take your breath away as much as the hike.

From our vantage each rider looked like a speck. It was high noon and men’s pro finals was on, the first name we hear being Bonfire Alumni, Josh Dirksen who we watched effortlessly navigate the course with his unparalleled prowess. Temple Cummins dropped next and was followed by Nils Mindnich, a Vermonter that tackled the course with a much looser and noticeably quicker run, even from afar.


Our view of LBS finals finals from out on The Arm.

At that moment we had truly balanced soul-fulfilling powder turns with watching the best snowboarders on the planet say their prayers. Only at Mt. Baker could this be done. Over the course of five days in Washington, which were full of moments that brought great happiness and excitement, that one stuck out most to me. Until next time Mt. Baker and crew.

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