The Werni Stock Invitational was a huge success this season. Basically my plan was to get everyone together and have an all time week with a ton of shredding, happiness and good times.  Honestly I was really excited but nervous how everything was going to turn out.  The weather wasn’t looking too nice, but all the positive vibes from the whole crew made it unbelievable. From lodging at my parents place Hotel Bergfried, shredding the Betterpark Hintertux, Yoga Sessions with instructor Torstein, Ridersdinner,... goodtimes all over the place.

Finally the crowds broke and I was seriously so excited that weather was going to allow us to have a session on the big jump. I was the first person to test out the jump, super early in the morning, and everything about it worked out so good. After that momtent, so much pressure and weight had dropped from my shoulders.

The jump and weather turned out more then perfect. We had a couple warm up laps and at around 11am we started a 2 hour jam session. The level of riding was just too insane, from Stylish Tricks to tech tricks, the boy delivered so insanely well. I loved it so much how everybody enjoyed the session. Seriously smiles all over the place and good vibes only. This meant everything to me. A couple riders, judges and myself had to look out for the best guys. To be honest I would have loved to give everyone a single award!  But we had to make decisions for the finals.

Best Overall Rider went to Ethan Morgan and Mons Roisland.  Both were riding at their best, from rodeos, to style and technicality, they both slayed it. No surprises here at all, best style was given to Torgeir Bergrem.  His swbs5 with bs air was just nuts. Best rookie went to Moritz Amsuess he showed sick swbs 180, bs 5, bs 1080 and all that with unreal steeze!  And best Trick was given to Clemens Millauer with a Fs1440 Double. The guys were on fire as everyone else. I‘m so so happy how everything turned out. It was purely so fun and everybody enjoyed it to.

I‘m so thankful for such a great start into a new season. The love, passions and happiness that everyone shared still blows my mind, thank you all.

- Werni Stock


Hintertux Glacier!  Photo: Beckna

Werni Stock. Photo: Jukka Pehkonen

Werni Stock. Photo: Beckna

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