Check out Bonfire team rider, Leif Jones, in Soundstrait's "WAshdup"!  

Based on a true story, this mockumentary film will follow a group of ex- snowboard filmmakers and ex-pro riders who never hung it up. Still in love with the sport and fueled by mid life crisis, these shred for lifers are extremely vulnerable to delusions of grandeur. But the dream is always “still alive” in their minds. In turn they ignore all the red flags and continue to do what seems completely irrational to everyone except for them. After a 16 year hiatus, they irresponsibly put their adult obligations behind, and join a pact to make just one last movie. But they are missing a solid presence of youth to make their movie marketable. As a remedy they end up filming with riders that span 2 generations. This unlikely alliance leads them to discover much more about snowboarding and themselves by living the snowboarding dream through an ageless lens. Filled with sketch comedy skits, this film expresses the nuanced story of a young sport reaching a level of maturity the current industry now begins to embrace. From the death of the snowboard shop, and extinction of film media, to the old pro struggling to find their way in life after the glory days are long gone, WashDup is a story that finally needs to be told.

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