Big Boulder Park x Bonfire

Bonfire's Master Bibs help you master the rails, hands-down

Next week we'll be setting off our second Annual Bonfire Axe Jam at Big Boulder Park. We're picky about our partners, and Big Boulder was a park partner we couldn't pass up. What they lack in elevation gain they more than make up for in creativity, variety and passion for sliding sideways downhill. 

Since we're about to show up and spend some serious time throwing down at their resort (which you'll be seeing full coverage of coming up soon) we wanted you to get familiar with a few faces you might see while you're out there.

We caught up with four of Big Boulder Park's employees, each of whom have their own love for the park and for riding. Read on to get to know them better-

 All photos Shawn Kalatucka

Shawn Kalatucka (SK)
Mike Devitt (MD)
Kurt Barthel (KB)
Stephen Chumacas (SC)
SK - Photographer
MD - Terrain Park Manager
KB - Park crew 
SC - Equipment operator 
Years at Big Boulder
SK - First year as an employee, Fourth year season pass holder.
MD - 10 years
KB - 5 or 6
SC - 7 years at BBP


How did you start?
SK - I started taking photos last season for the fun of it. During the summer I would hike my dog up boulder and take sunrise photos as I am a a very early riser, well I should say my dog is. Pat [Morgan,  Director of Freestyle Terrain] being "content hungry" as always started taking notice and a few thousand photos later I was asked to join the team.
MD - I basically graduated high school and then needed a job for the winter.
KB - I wanted to be a part of the crew who builds the parks.
I enjoy golf
What did you do before Big Boulder?
SK - I still work full time at an auto body shop and have been doing so for the last five years. My early morning hours allow me to make it to the Mountain for the 3pm open.
MD - I was a young kid who liked to go to house parties and get out camping.          
KB - I just snowboarded and went to school.

"Mark Gama"

What do you do outside of work?
SK - Relax or explore with my wife, take hikes with my dog, head down to philly to meet up and photo a few of my friends skating or just explore and take photos.
MD - I'm a home-body for the most part. Every blue moon or so I'll get out to a concert.
KB - I like to spend my free time with my girlfriend and family and friends. 
Why do you work at Big Boulder/What do you like the most about it?
SK - Big Boulder is committed to winter and progression. They care about what the riders want.  The thing I like most about it is the reaction riders have when I send them the finished photo. Working at boulder doesn't feel like work, it is too enjoyable to be considered work.
MD - I like knowing that despite our size we are able to put out a better product than huge resorts. David vs Goliath.
KB - I like that I can have a say in what goes in the parks.I can think of something I want in the parks and it goes in.
Not too many people can do that out side of park crew.
SC - The reason I enjoy working here is the people I get to work with on a daily basis and the things we are able to accomplish as a team!


"Ryan Keglovics"

Any advice to someone visiting the resort?
SC - Get out there. Enjoy everything they have to offer. Go to the T-bar(if you're of age) get something to eat with a beer and watch some of the most talented riders around in the Plaza II right outside the window.
MD - T bar food specials, especially wing night.
KB - If you don’t hit the rails stay off the lips and out of the jump landings.
SC - Have a great time! 

Sign up now for the second annual Bonfire Axe Jam at Big Boulder Park! We've got $100 CASH to hand out for best tricks, tons of prizes and great times guaranteed. See you there 🔥

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