Bonfire Axe Jam at Big Boulder

The annual Axe Jam at Big Boulder is right around the corner!

If you were here last year then you remember the Shenanigans that went down (and no, we're not talking about the local watering hole that people found their way to after the event wrapped up), and this year promises nothing but to bring more of the same back again.

The event is a jam-style event combining two awesome features- Big Boulder's perfectly primed mini pipe with our custom award-winning Bonfire Axe feature. Riders have the chance to test their mettle riding through the mini and then signing their run off with a go at the Bonfire Axe. Creativity and fun are the goals of the game and whoever shows off the best will be walking away with not only some fresh new Bonfire Outerwear but also the sought-after Golden Axe.

Come out and join us this Sunday March 10th at Big Boulder; registration starts at 10am and the contest kicks off at noon. 

See you there! 

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