Bonfire Axe Jam Westendorf

The much-anticipated Bonfire Axe Jam has finally made it's way across the pond from the US and over to Europe!

Bonfire Axe Jam Westendorf

The first ever Bonfire Axe Jam Session in Europe took place at Boarders Playground in Westendorf, Austria on February 23rd featuring a massive, custom Bonfire Axe Feature and tons of prizing for the top competitors of the day.

The event was a jib format contest, with riders taking turns throwing down their best tricks on the Axe and vying for a chance to walk away with some fresh Bonfire Gear and other great prizing. The sun shone down, the snow was pristine and the group was hyped to lay into this day-long session.

bonfire axe jam westtendorf

Bonfire team riders Maximilian Preissinger and Mario Wagner were there to encourage the crowd and add some inspiration to the riders for how to approach the giant Axe. With their signature riding style and infectious energy, Mario and Werni added more fuel to the Bonfire flame throughout the event.

Bonfire Axe Jam Westendorf

At the end of the day, everyone was worn out, hyped and satisfied. With a solid field of talented riders, just a few landed on the top and walked away with arms full of brand new Bonfire Outerwear goods. You can see a full gallery of photos from the day on our Facebook page here.

See below for results and thank you again to our partners for helping this event come to life- IOU Ramps for building the Axe Feature and Westendorf and the park crew Boardplay Projects for all of their hard work, dedication to the day and skill.

Bonfire Axe Jam Westendorf

Keep an eye out for more Axe Jams coming from us in Europe! This is just the beginning.


  1. Simon Krenn (overall winner) 
  2. Stefan Fankhauser 
  3. Robian Fifield
  4. Klaus Unterrainer
  5. Sebi Fuchs
  6. Dennis Rogosa
  7. Fronzo Hausberger

Best Trick: Chris Zink 

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