Bonfire Outerwear Featured in SNOW Video Game


The first Blue Square most of us hit wasn't on the mountain, but on our control pad for PlayStation! Iconic games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater introduced action sports to the general public for a first time, while others like SSX Tricky were first class tickets to mountains all over the world. Graphics have evolved, snowboarding has evolved and now there is an evolved snowboard video game to escape into your shred-head all the time – introducing, SNOW. Available on PS4 and for online streaming, SNOW is the newest digital riding experience. Master your passion, explore the open world, define your style and ultimately be the best all in Bonfire Outerwear! With Bonfire jackets and pants available for outerwear selection, we could not be more stoked to be involved with SNOW!

Bonfire Outerwear, Snow Video Game

For more on SNOW, to download or to play the PC version click HERE.

Bonfire Outerwear, SNOW video game

Match your SNOW outfit to your actual Bonfire Outerwear outfit through our online store HERE. 

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