Bonfire Outerwear Winter Season 2017/2018

Bonfire Outerwear

We’ve been preparing for this season for 28 years now. It started in a house in a suburb, but slowly and steadily it’s grown to cover areas across the globe. From Chile, to Alaska, to Austria, Japan and beyond- Bonfire has been putting in the hours, gathering the beta about the gear, and infusing it all into the new pieces you’re about to put to the ultimate test.

Your winter.

From when the snow starts falling in 2017 to when the last patch has melted in 2018- It’s your season- it’s your mission, and it’s almost time to get out to do it again.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, whether it’s in the details of The Aspect- a brand new jacket made of 3-Layer TuffTech Flex-Mobility stretch fabric with 30k waterproofing, Strata Flow Venting system and a touchscreen Audio Pocket; or in the Spark Jacket, a Jacket inspired by our early years that’s taken its pick of some of our favorite modern advances in outerwear- like 20k waterproofing, a touchscreen audio pocket and Jacket-to-pant connection.

We know why you come back to snowboarding year after year, because we feel the same way. We are dedicated to waking up early for powder days, finding lines to ride that are off the beaten path, and getting as much out of each winter as we possibly can.

The winter is fleeting, the snow melts- but we’re ready when the winter hits and are primed for another season of chasing down that frozen gold as long as it’s laying on the ground.

So get out there, do your prep work in these last couple weeks before the snow starts falling- and let’s charge forward into what’s going to be our greatest winter yet.

Bonfire Outerwear started over 25 years ago, deeply entrenched in the deep snowboard culture of the Pacific Northwest.

We were arrested. Spit on by skiers riding the chairlift. We would hike for miles to get one run. Our parents didn’t understand. People didn’t understand. There were no contests. No magazines. No lift tickets. No highbacks. There was no such thing as fashion. Every year we burned our boards in a giant bonfire as a sacrifice for better snow. We said we’d ride forever. We said we’d make clothes that ride forever. We do.

Born from a desire to make the best gear to withstand the harshest conditions, we have upheld the legacy that rose from that bonfire so many years ago. Tried. Tested. True.

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