Bonfire Outerwear's History Part 1 Video

Since the 80s snowboarding has been a tidal flow of progression, style, progression, style, so on and so forth. Today, shape boards and the new carving movement pay homage to snowboarding's yesteryears and early pioneers. Perhaps beside snowboarding being forbidden at select ski resorts, the industry chronically tributes the trends and evolutions of the past by recycling invention and ingenuity with twists of modernity. But, at one point there was pure authenticity and originality. It was at that point in 1989 that Bonfire Outerwear began.

Listen in as snowboard veterans Trevor Graves and Bobby Meeks wax poetic about Bonfire's history in this four part series releasing every day until Christmas!

Bonfire History Pt.1 from Bonfire Outerwear on Vimeo.

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