Bonfire team descends upon Superpark 22!

Maxi fearlessly sends the big jump

Words and Photos: Mike Yoshida

After a busy winter of traveling and filming, the Bonfire team had the chance to meet up and do what they do best... shred their faces off on some amazing features.  Team riders Maxi Preissinger, Blake Moller, Ryan Wachendorfer and Ralph Kucharek spun some laps at Snowboarder Magazine's iconic Superpark, hosted by Crystal Mountain.

Ralph finds his own line amongst the snow boulders

Superpark has been known to be a proving ground, where riders can showcase there skills in front of their peers and some of the best lensman in the buisness.  These days, this gathering of seasoned pros and up and coming shreds can be seen sessioning massive gaps, and or taking hot laps with a lot of their friends that they might not have the time to ride with during a busy season.

Ryan Wachendorfer steps up to the plate

Thank you to SNOWBOARDER Magazine and Crystal Mountain for hosting another memorable event.  The Bonfire team collectively had an amazing time, see you next year Superpark!

Maxi is so big that he often blocks out the sun.

 Blake Moller is no joke.  Look for him next year on the Freeride World Tour!

 Ralph started early training for the LBS...

 Ryan gets in a quick pole dance.





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