Forged by Fire: The Beau Bishop Interview

Interview by Ralph Kucharek

 Beau Bishop at Mt. Baker taking a salmon bake lunch break and letting the mountain settle down after destroying it all day.    

When did you feel the most dedicated to ride this season?

Since we’ve been producing our Turn & Burn web series again this year and released our episodes throughout the winter it has taken some dedication. We have set release dates with Transworld Snowboarding and it has definitely kind of forced me to make things happen even when I am beat up and tired. It’s kind of stressful in a way, but keeps you motivated.

What was your favorite memory from the winter?

That’s a tough one, but I think it was one day I had sledding a zone called “Seagrams” in Whistler. I was out with just a filmer and photographer. No one else from our crew would come out with us that day so our filmer Dave and the photo man Dalby were just shuttling me on their sleds up some morning-light lines, hitting a step down mid day, and more lines in the afternoon until sunset basically. It was just rapid fire and I snowboarded so much that day. I’ve never ridden more than that in the backcountry. I was so exhausted, but got like five shots. The sun was shining and the snow was perfect. Just one of those days.

What’s your plan for the spring and summer? Anymore snowboarding?

I am planning on getting a few days up at the Camp of Champions at Whistler Blackcomb. It’s always a good time up there. I used to coach so it’s fun to see everyone again and that park is always really sick. Last year I made it down to Hood for the Drink Water Rat Race so we will see if I can pull that off again. Otherwise I’ll be working in Whistler, swimming in lakes, drinking beer, and BBQing.

If you had a magic wand, what is one thing you would do for or change in snowboarding? 

It can be pretty expensive for kids to get into snowboarding. So I guess I would want to make snowboarding more accessible for everybody. Lift tickets, parking, and everything associated can be overwhelming for a lower income family to afford. If I change one thing I guess it would maybe be the price of a lift ticket.


Backside 720 on the legendary "Forum" step down.

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