Forged By Fire: The Johnny Brady Interview

Interview by Ralph Kucharek

Johnny Brady, Bonfire Outerwear, Snowboarding

 When Bonfire Outerwear's Johnny Brady isn't exploring Tahoe and the west coast with the Warp Wave crew, he's fighting forest fires all summer long so he can enjoy the winter all over again. Thank you for constantly living, eating, and breathing snowboarding, Johnny.  

When did you feel the most dedicated to ride this season?

I think I’d say when I was just at Boreal with my friends at the beginning and end of the season. There was no pressure to do anything, just go snowboarding. That’s when I felt the most dedicated, just riding and no filming, having fun.

What was your favorite memory from the winter?

My favorite memories from the past season were watching Kael Martin, Kyle Miller, and Zander Blackmon snowboarding. It’s hard to put that into just one memory, but watching those guys board was just great.

What’s your plan for the spring and summer? Anymore snowboarding?

I wish more snowboarding. I’ll be in the mountains, but not on snow.

If you had a magic wand, what is one thing you would do for or change in snowboarding?

If there is one thing I could change in snowboarding I would say to make it not as elitist as it is and more accessible for low-income people so that they can partake in the enjoyment and life changing experience that snowboarding is. That’s what I would change and probably the most important. There are not enough people who get to experience it and snowboarding would totally change their lives if they could do it on a regular basis.

Johnny Brady, Bonfire Outerwear, Mission Ridge, Snowboarding

Sleepy styling through the Bomber Bowl Park at Mission Ridge, Washington.

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