Forged by Fire: The Werni Stock Interview

Interview by Ralph Kucharek

I'm not sure if it's what they put in the water in Europe, but Werni Stock is a force to be watched.  As Bonfire's newest addition to the team I am excited to see what he has in store for the future of snowboarding.  Watch as Werni lights up one office home resorts, Mayrhofen with fellow Shredbot Nik Baden. 

When did you feel the most dedicated to ride this season?

I feel the most dedicated during the preseason time of the year. Every day you’re just beyond excited to get on the slopes and do a couple of turns. I love that time of year. Everyone is hyped and passionate about getting back to shredding.

What was your favorite memory from the winter? 

I have a couple of UNREAL memories. The best? Preseason powder runs in October at Hintertux, soulshred powder days at Mayrhofen, and heliboarding in Whistler with Torstein. Those are just a few, but I have way more happy memories stuck in my head. I guess those are the moments we live for, right?

What’s your plan for the spring and summer? Anymore snowboarding?

It’s currently May 16th and as I write this it’s dumping here in Austria, so I guess I’ll go rip some powder tomorrow. Snowboarder Magazine's event Superpark at Mammoth Mountain is just around the corner and another Shredbots shoot is also scheduled to go down. Since the Hintertux glacier is in my backyard I plan on getting more days in and shredding until the end of June.

If you had a magic wand, what is one thing you would do for or change in snowboarding?  

I wouldn’t change anything. I love it the way it is. Maybe there are parts I don’t like as much or view differently, but I’m sure others just love it because of those parts. Let’s keep snowboarding real.

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