Johnny Brady's Full Part in Aurora Boardealis

Johnny Brady debuted as a Northern California kid wonder with a BS 720 that competed with the pros. Since, and over the past seven years, he has developed into a snowboard phenom. Now on K2 Snowboards and Bonfire Outerwear's team, his wonder has fully developed into wonderful. With quick feet and a montage of antigravity Johnny's 2016 full part, filmed with the Warp Wave crew, is powerful - maybe we should say powder-full! Check out the full movie and our boy in what is sure to be a cult classic! 

Bonfire Outerwear, Johnny Brady

[From Warp Wave]
Eric Messier and I created Warp Wave in the summer of 2012. What started as a funky art project centered around snowboarding has since morphed into a full creative platform and outlet for the both of us and a solid roster of ripping boarders. We began by making short web videos which we filmed on these retro VHS and Hi-8 cameras acquired from childhood basements—the vibe was dreamy, psychedelic and authentic, and I think a lot of people connected with that. As we started to pick up steam and a following, we began bringing more of our friends into the mix and upping the production value. This past year shooting for Aurora Boardealis we had more committed riders than ever: Eric and I, Tucker Andrews, Nick Russell, Johnny Brady, Felix Mobarg, Curtis Woodman, Taylor Carlton, Jackson Fowler, Zander Blackmon, Wyatt Stasinos and Griffin Siebert. In addition, we were very fortunate to ride and shoot with Tim and Hannah Eddy, Harry Kearney, Alex Scott, Randy Vannurden, Danny Davis, Desiree Melancon, Chas Guldemond and Jeremy Jones.

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