Well, we promised it to you, and you have been patiently waiting.  Here it is, Werni Stock's "Local Surroundings".  We are super proud to have Werni in our Bonfire family, and he not only is an amazing rider, but he also helps us create amazing outerwear.  Sit back, grab some popcorn, a beer, kombucha, or whatever you're feeling, and get stoked for winter with Werni's first ever signature project!  Congrats Wern Dog, we love you!


Feat. Werni Stock, Mario Wanger, Tom Tramnitz and Friends. A Snowboard movie filmed in Austria Exclusively. Powder jumps, freeriding, Penken Park Action and a stunning Sunset Kicker Session at Zillertal Arena.

Produced & Directed by filmaker Julian Pintarelli and snowboarder Werni Stock

Film & Edit by Julian Pintarelli Starring: Werni Stock, Tom Tramnitz, Mario Wanger, Tini Gruber, Benny Wetscher, Laurenz Haunschmidt, Georg Huber, Alex Walch, Wolle Nyvelt and Thomas Beckna Eberharter.

Music Supervision by Midnight Music - Florent Chronie-De Maria & MusicBed

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