Werni Stock is our Austrian powerhouse who's accolade list reads longer than most riders could ever dream of.  This season he wanted to check a personal project off of his to do list, and he put together "Local Surroundings" an Austrian based snowboard movie.  With Mario Wanger, Tom Tramnitz and crew, these riders banded together to create a magical backcountry movie.  Last week, Werni and friends hosted the world premiere in Mayrhofen, Austria, and the turn out was insane!  Don't worry, if you are in Austria and you missed the premiere, the next one will be in Innsbruck on the 28th of November.  See the flyer below for more info!

No big deal, just a couple of backcountry bosses..The raffles went off per usual!Now that's a full house!

Similiar to Wu Tang, Werni Stock is for the children.

The groms were hyped on their new gear.That's the look of a man who just made an epic signature project!

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