Loveland Opening Day 2017 2


This time last year no one would have believed the local Bonfire Crew if they said they'd already logged their first official day riding a chairlift for the season. But, the weather gods have been gracious and the temperatures have been falling, because the great people at Loveland Ski Resort opened their slopes to the hundreds of hungry snow-hunters this past Friday the 20th in Colorado.

The local Bonfire crew was ready and rearing to go- equipped with a hundred+ free cups of coffee to hand out to the first patrons of the mountain and a stoke so high there was no bringing them down.

After passing out copious cups of coffee, the local crew hit the hill and took the first refreshing runs down Loveland's slopes.

Check out the edit they put together of their time there, it'll have you packing your bags to hit the road to Colorado- or keeping a lazer-focus on the storm alert for the mountain closest to you. It's only a matter of time now before the season starts everywhere.

Edit and Riders- Colorado Bonfire Outerwear locals Nate @nate_ukcsnow and Bry @b_scales87

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