Catching Up with Werni Stock

Werni is all smiles while visiting Baker for the LBS, wearing the Aspect 3L Stretch Jacket with the Zone Stretch Pant. Photo: Yosh

Werni Stock is a snowboarding all terrain machine.  Between backcountry, park, and halfpipe, when it comes to riding, there is not one discipline that Stock has not mastered.  These days you can find Werni cruising his home mountain in Austria, either shredding top to bottom pow runs, or venturing off piste to construct a cheese wedge.  After coming off an amazing filming season with the Shred Bots, we caught up with our favorite European rider to pick his brain about his winter.

Where do you live, and what is your home resort?

I live in Mayrhofen, Austria and my home resorts are Mayrhofen and Hintertux.

We've heard Europe had an incredible winter for snowfall. Do you have any crazy stories about getting snowed in, or stuck somewhere?

Oh yes, what an insane winter we had!  I've never witnessed a winter like the last one.  Endless pow from December and powder days in May up on Hintertux.  Many crazy, unreal fun days.  I'm really glad I didn't get sick in the winter like last season.

What project did you work on this season, and who did you mostly film with?

I worked with my friends on a new project called "Local Surroundings".  It's my first personal project where I could mainly shred at home and share the mountains with my buddies Mario Wanger and Tom Tramnitz.  And I also joined the Shredbots Crew on a trip to Tahoe, where I rode the deepest snow.  We also went up to Baldface for a late season powder trip.  Linking up with Torstein and all the other Shredbots is always a must have for me every year.

Werni is never afraid to hit a massive jump at Superpark! Photo: Yosh

What’s the biggest difference when working with European snowboarders and American snowboarders?

The biggest difference is between the two is how we go about shooting.  In Europe we meet up at the resort for first chair, and then we mainly ride on the resort, or just off piste.  And in the US, you need a truck and a sled, and then you go out to shoot at 6 a.m. or earlier.  I always love spending time filming in the US or Canada.

Who are some of your favorite people to ride with on Bonfire?

I love shredding with my Bonfire buddies: Mario Wanger, Beau Bishop, Ralph and Maxi (the tall German guy haha).  To be honest, I love to ride with everyone that has a smile on their face, while boarding.

Big Wern has got a mean blue steel, seen here rocking the Static Jacket and Zone Stretch Pant. Photo: Yosh

What outerwear pieces do you wear, and what are some of the features you enjoy most about them?

The Terra Stretch 3-in-1 Jacket is a freaking beast.  I was wearing this jacket all season long.  From the coldest days in Tahoe with the inlusated liner (-20°C) to warm slushy days at Penken Park (without the liner) this jacket has got you covered.  That durability, comfort and style is key to me.

For the lower extremities, I like the Zone Pant.  It's 20k waterproofing and 15k breathability is crucial, so you'll stay dry and even better, it's the comfiest (stretch) pant I've ever had.  Trust me, this pant will make you more happy.  And the new ventilation system is the best cooling system I've witnessed so far.

Werni surfs the white wave at home in Mayerhofen. Photo: Christian Eberl

Who are some up and coming riders from Europe that we should keep our eyes on?

That's a tough question!  But I'm more than hyped and excited on the local kids "Mtown Riders".  A bunch of local kids that rip at my home resort.  Just to name a few: the young Nyvelts, Krolls... I tell you the future is more than bright!

How is the married life? Do you and your wife get to ride together on the down days?

Life didn't really change much after we got married.  And oh yes, me and my wife Lisa really shred a lot together.  I really enjoy riding with her, she's a total powder addict, and really good all around rider.  With an amazing winter like we had last season, it was more than a pleasure to shred some pow together.

Did any triple backflips go down this year? Haha

I'm not really proud about doing triple backflips, but YES, it did go down!

Werni slices some melons at Baker wearing his Strata Insulated Jacket  and Zone Stretch Pant. Photo: Yosh

Do you have any cool summer plans, now that the winter is officially over?

We just got back from a really nice trip from Ko Tao Thailand.  We really enjoyed the beach life, diving and exploring the islands.  But now it's time to work as a hike and bike guide at Hotel Bergfried, my family place.  And there's not too much longer until the next winter season.  Mid september preseason ghred in Hintertux is just around the corner.  I'm already itching to get back on the snow!  I seriously can't wait to turn and shred again.

Check out Werni's most recent video below, and also one of his older parts from 2006!







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