Whitelines Reviews Bonfire Firma Jacket


Every year, Whitelines rounds up the best new outerwear that the snow market has to offer and puts them to the test in their dynamic on-snow trials. This year, they took our Bonfire Firma Jacket, ran it through the ringer and had some pretty interesting things to say about it.

From Whitelines -

"We continue to be huge fans of Bonfire outerwear. Techy without going overboard, eye-catching without being garish, and with a wide enough range to suit all budgets. If you want the best, look no further than the ‘Platinum Collection’, which includes the Bonfire Firma 3-in-1 snowboard jacket.

The Bonfire Firma jacket boasts all the specs and features that you’d want in an all-rounder. Its 20K/15K ratings might not pass muster with the multi-day-tour splitboard crowd, but it’s more than enough for everyone else. The best part, though, is the versatility hinted at in the name.

Whitelines Bonfire Review Firma Jacket

Within the Firma is a removable fleece liner with moisture wicking properties. Its default setting is to be fully integrated with the outer shell, a substantial combo that has you covered in both the protection and warmth stakes. Zip it out, though, and you’ve got a lightweight shell that’s ideal for warmer climes. The liner can be worn on its own, too, making this a genuine 3-in-1 option.

To find out what else they thought, check out Whiteline's full review here on their website

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