Every year, Whitelines rounds up the best new outerwear that the snow market has to offer and puts them to the test in their dynamic on-snow trials. This year, they took our Bonfire Vector Jacket, ran it through the ringer and had some pretty interesting things to say about it.

From Whitelines -

The Vector Jacket is a legacy unto itself, it’s the go-to staple of many a mountain maverick and has proved itself in countless situations from Alaska to apres.

Packed with extra tech and features, the Vector is a go anywhere do anything type of jacket. 15K waterproofing with fully sealed seams means you’ll be nice and dry even when the weather doesn’t want to play ball. 100mg of insulation runs through the body with 60g running through the arms and hood, your vital area needs more warmth than your extremities hence the difference in fill.

It’s 2019 and technology is king, so the Vector Jacket has a touchscreen audio pocket, with an audio routing pathway so you can get your headphones in with no worries.

We’ve all taken a big fall off piste where your world has flipped a couple of times and you’re left with a face full of snow and enough powder down your trousers to host Pablo Escobar’s wedding. Bonfire have added their powder skirt and even gone one step further and put their pant to jacket connection on the Vector.

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